We can offer a full breakdown service covering, fault finding, Electrical installations & maintenance services, with skills covering, Electrics & Electronics, Mechanics, Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Welding MIG, TIG & ARC. CNC Machining & Turning
Fabrication in stainless & mild steel
Including new installations and upgrades both on site and in house.
Provision of labour, equipment and multi-skilled engineers.

Experienced with various food processing manufacturers including..

Nilma, Finis, Eillert, Formit, Felcatron, GKS, DTS, TECMAQ, TecnoFood, SKALS, Kronen + Many more…..

Ranging from Cookers, Washers, Dicers / Slicers, Spinners, Peelers, Weighing & Bagging.

Also Experienced in the following Engineering equipment -
Brake Presses, Guillotines, Pedestal grinders, Pillar/post drills, Benders, Sanders, Band Saws
Too Many to list in full…..
Some of the makes include.
Britain, Safan, Bridgeport, Hardinge, Colchester & Elliot Lathes+ Many more…..

TEL: - 0792 0729 316


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